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Our Mission And Vision

Parklab Pte Ltd.


Our mission is to constantly provide innovative and premium solutions in the ever-changing play landscape of Singapore; to push the boundaries of creativity; and to help develop a child’s imagination.

Parklab Pte Ltd.


To help create a society that understands the value of innovative play, the importance of fitness and great outdoor amenities as well as a community that thrives on practising a healthy lifestyle, regardless of age.

Core Values

Always possess a design-centric mind-set

Parklab Pte Ltd.

Meticulously deliver our promises

Parklab Pte Ltd.

Always strive towards service excellence

Parklab Pte Ltd.

Aim to be the most reliable company in the industry

Parklab Pte Ltd.

Ensure timely delivery of projects

Parklab Pte Ltd.

Put a premium on the quality of our solutions

Parklab Pte Ltd.

Think outside the box when it comes to play and fitness solutions

Parklab Pte Ltd.
Parklab Pte Ltd.

Why Choose Parklab?

    • We possess the capabilities to tailor and lay cast-in-situ EPDM safety surfacing in accordance with our clients’ specific requirements for their facilities.
    • We represent reputable brands that feature high quality products in the world, such as Lappset from Finland.
    • We offer customisable or thematic playground designs.
    • We use unconventional materials such as timber and stainless steel for our playgrounds.
    • We develop playgrounds with high standards in mind as we aim to make them functional, aesthetically pleasing and safe.
Parklab Pte Ltd.

A Strong Commitment
To Safety And Quality

  • Parklab Pte Ltd.Playground Safety and Compliance Audit
  • Parklab Pte Ltd.Internal Installation Team
  • Parklab Pte Ltd.Site Survey and Budgeting
  • Parklab Pte Ltd.Highly Accurate 3D Rendering
  • Parklab Pte Ltd.Internal Certified Playground Safety Inspector
  • Parklab Pte Ltd.Internal Project Supervising Team
  • Parklab Pte Ltd.State-of-the-Art Designing Capability
  • Parklab Pte Ltd.Warranty and Maintenance

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