PU Coating

Country: Spain

Rubberised PU (Polyurethane) Sports Coating

Parklab Rubberised PU (Polyurethane) Sports Coating is an environmentally friendly sports flooring that does not contain any harmful substances to human being.

It is highly resistant to the harsh weather conditions in Singapore and ensure outstanding performance requirement. These unique attributes are guaranteed by the fact that our PU sports flooring is made of excellent quality materials that can be customised to different thickness and elasticity.

In our PU sports flooring, there is no need for any joint between different areas. This create a seamless finishing to the top surface and makes this type of flooring suitable for both indoor and outdoor sports surfaces. The finished surface shall provide good slip resistance and exhibit good adhesion strength, scratch resistance, UV resistance and colour steadfastness on concrete surfaces.

Parklab PU Sports flooring is available in a wide range of colours that are attractive and long lasting. These colours are also made possible for game lines to be marked out clearly. The quality of our polyurethane flooring is recognised by the most prestigious certification entities and international Sports Federations.