Outdoor Fitness Equipment

Country: Netherlands

When it comes to outdoor fitness equipment in Singapore, Denfit is undoubtedly one of the best providers. Denfit products feature stainless steel and galvanised steel with polyester powder coating that can withstand Singapore’s tropical weather conditions.

Denfit Professional, their unique product line of dynamic fitness equipment, is suitable outdoor gyms and ideal for cardiovascular, strength and whole-body training for the elderly. The range also features adjustable weights for customised resistance training.

Denfit Gym, is the brand’s weight resistance-based training system, and has units that concentrate on working on various parts of the body. It delivers a cross-fit style of training wherein each unit is used differently to engage different sets of muscles during training.

Denfit StreetWorkout, is a contemporary line of static outdoor fitness equipment that comprises monkey bars, parallel, pull-ups and wave bars for a gymnastics-style of training. Training methods range from resistance to repetitions, series, and breaks.

With Denfit products, we’re able to design exciting urban spaces that encourage outdoor exercising as well as social spaces that promote an active lifestyle in the community.