Country: Spain

RevoTrail® is an extremely durable and weather resistant flooring system that is designed for both indoor and outdoor. This high quality flooring system can be used for application over both asphalt and concrete type surfaces. It is suitable for usage in multi-purpose sports court such as basketball, badminton, tennis and even volleyball courts. Some of the HDB neighbourhood and NParks parks also create walkways, cycling path and skating areas with this system.

Why use RevoTrail® on your outdoor sports court or recreational area?

  • Court Protection & Maintenance: Repair and coating products protect and extend the lifecycle of the asphalt or concrete surface from Singapore’s harsh weather conditions and environmental contaminants.
  • Aesthetics: We offer at least 7 standard, vibrant colours to ensure many years of fade-resistant beauty for your investment.
  • Safety & Texture: There is completely no harmful substance to human being and is environmentally friendly. It  is also extremely UV resistant which helps to preserve the court colour in the long run.
  • Support: RevoTrail® are stocked and supported throughout the entire year.