Running Track Flooring

Country: Spain

Running Track Systems

When it comes to constructing a running track, the most crucial decision to make is certainly the type of system. There are many available options out there in the market and each one of them has its own fair share of pros and cons. Hence, it is important to always select the running track flooring system based on your budget, maintenance capability as well as the volume of usage of the track.

Different type of system can affect the speed, technique, and prevent injury to the runners. Therefore it is very important that you keep safety and performance in mind during selection.

Type A – Sandwich System Running Track

This is a two-layer system which consist of SBR base mixed onsite with PU binder and EPDM granules also casted in-situ with PU resin. The EPDM rubber will sink down into the SBR base and form a granulated surface as the wearing course cures.

Type B – Water Permeable PU Running Track

This is a two-layer, water-permeable running track system whereby the top surface is spray coated with very fine EPDM granules. This solution is mostly used in school, university as well as some multi-purpose sports hall (MPSH).

Type C – Pure PU Running Track

The Pure PU Running Track consists of 10mm SBR granules and with either a self-forming texture layer or spray coated with fine EPDM particles.

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