Country: Spain


TrackMate® system is suitable to be used for international competitions. It is also designed to resist the harsh weather condition in Singapore. TrackMate®is waterproof and provides an elastic surface to maximise the athletes’ performance. It is widely used in sports facilities of stadiums, universities, polytechnic, ITE, MOE schools and even the jogging track at our neighbourhood park!

Application Method

Recycled SBR (styrene-butadiene rubber) forms the bottom layer of our TrackMate®, this helps to reduce the cost of maintenance and maximise the comfort and performance for the user.

The SBR granules are mixed evenly and laid on the surface till they reach a certain thickness. When the thickness has achieved the optimal performance standard, the priming material will be applied on the SBR to ensure that the pores are closed and that the substrate is ready for the final layer of EPDM.

The EPDM surface is important as this directly affects the athletes’ performance. The elasticity and the adhesion of the EPDM granules to the athletes’ shoes will provide additional power to the runner if the finishing is clean and non reflective.

IAAF Certified

In conclusion, the sandwich system running track is an extremely durable system that is accepted worldwide. The reason why it is so popular attributes to the long shelves life and low maintenance costs. It is a system that can be documented with international IAAF certificate.