LIAS Awards Gala Night 2022 was a showcase hosted by Landscape Industry Association (Singapore) in an attempt to celebrate the award winning achievements of all the respective leaders in our industry. With our representative involvement in the LIAS’s 11th council (2021-2023), we are fortunate to be able to support and immerse ourselves in this annual industry’s led event. Through this event, we have receive inspirations from the award winners ranging from landscaping designs for residential category all the way till playground design projects. Moving forward, we hope that through our focus on customised design playground projects, we will one day be recognised for our effort in innovation while focusing on safety compliance matters consistently, to provide assurance for both the public and private playscape.

Finland Principal Lappset’s collaboration visit, Playground equipment Market awareness seminar on 10th March 2023. With the re-opening of borders, we were finally able to host our Finland counterparts and arranged multiple small seminar sessions for both our existing as well as new potential Architect clients. Tapping on her vast experience in the playscape industry, Simone Ryser, Lappset’s Sales Manager in-charge of the European region and Australia, aided greatly in our market and brand awareness campaigns, with an emphasis on Lappset’s redefined vision: “Movement for every Heartbeat.” Through this campaign, we have introduced Lappset’s newly launched outdoor fitness product “Sisu series” with a first-of-its-kind air-pressurised weight controlling knob technology that will allow people to train their muscles targeting the Arm, Core and legs components in specific incremental weight of 0.1kg. Coupled by Lappset’s vision of providing stronger supports in the form of metal play design customisation series, it’s only a matter of time we will witness more customisable solutions that puts us in a better position to capture Architect’s needs in the Singapore Market.

RE:PLAY: A Nostalgic Art Exhibition Celebrating Recycling, Art and Technology. Our hosted shelter pavilion space was transformed into a vibrant scene via the infusion of painted recycled playground equipment, with interactive installations scattered throughout such as spring riders, a slide decking platform, canvases and even a robotic arm! The colour scheme used on these playground objects is based on the Paddlepop rainbow ice-cream which filled the long summer days of artists’ childhoods. The co-creation artists have hand-painted small images on the slide which, upon scanning using a phone camera, come to life in Augmented Reality (AR) animations. Beyond this, we have also made an effort to push the boundaries of creative expression and this was done by marrying traditional artform to technology, a robotic arm named Tessa created art seamlessly by synchronising its brush strokes to the rhythm of live beatboxing performed by the renowned beatbox battle champion, Dharni. Overall, we are appreciative to have the fullest support from our Co-creation artists, with key sponsors from Arc community, Mandala Club as well as National Youth Council (NYC) for providing The Red Box’s pavilion sheltered space located at Sommerset.