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Parklab Pte Ltd.
  • Parklab Pte Ltd.Nov 27 2023


RE:PLAY: A Nostalgic Art Exhibition Celebrating Recycling, Art and Technology. Our hosted shelter pavilion space was transformed into a vibrant scene via the infusion of painted recycled playground equipment, with interactive installations scattered throughout such as spring riders, a slide decking platform, canvases and even a robotic arm! The colour scheme used on these playground objects is based on the Paddlepop rainbow ice-cream which filled the long summer days of artists’ childhoods. The co-creation artists have hand-painted small images on the slide which, upon scanning using a phone camera, come to life in Augmented Reality (AR) animations. Beyond this, we have also made an effort to push the boundaries of creative expression and this was done by marrying traditional artform to technology, a robotic arm named Tessa created art seamlessly by synchronising its brush strokes to the rhythm of live beatboxing performed by the renowned beatbox battle champion, Dharni. Overall, we are appreciative to have the fullest support from our Co-creation artists, with key sponsors from Arc community, Mandala Club as well as National Youth Council (NYC) for providing The Red Box’s pavilion sheltered space located at Sommerset.

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